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About HWP - History & Origins

The Founding Partner, Mr. Haider Waheed, commenced his legal career in 2003, working alongside Mr. Khalid Anwer, Senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and former Law Minister. Thereafter in 2004, Mr. Haider Waheed joined Mr. Munir A. Malik, the former Attorney General of Pakistan, former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association and a prominent leader of the Lawyers Movement in Pakistan, as a Senior Partner in the law firm namely MCAS&W and remained as such up until 2018.

Having worked alongside two of the finest and most prominent lawyers from Pakistan’s legal fraternity, Mr. Haider Waheed subsequently founded HWP Law, with his partners from MCAS&W being Mr. Ahmed Masood [Senior Partner], Mr. Abdul Moiz Jaferii [Senior Partner] and Mr. Shahzeb Akhtar Khan. Mr. Rehan Kayani was inducted as a Senior Partner in January, 2023. HWP Law was founded with the vision to provide cutting-edge litigation services to clients while simultaneously building a prestigious reputation within the legal fraternity.

The Present & Vision

HWP Law has full-service offices in the commercial hub of Karachi and the Islamabad Capital Territory. Since its inception in 2018, the firm has nurtured and garnered qualified legal minds, as a result of which HWP Law has a workforce of more than fifty lawyers, effectively making it one of Pakistan’s largest law firms. HWP Law is also affiliated with a Corporate Law Firm – MSB Consultants, which operates alongside and in conjunction with HWP Law.

In furtherance of our commitment to provide exemplary services, HWP Law provides the same before all the Courts of Pakistan and other Tribunals, in various areas of law, including but not limited to: civil litigation, commercial litigation, corporate and regulatory compliance, arbitration, employment and labor laws, criminal law, real-estate and construction, taxation, customs, intellectual property, tort and clinical negligence, constitutional and regulatory proceedings, admiralty and shipping, insurance, cross-border transactions, civil liberties and human rights, banking and finance, companies and partnerships, media and entertainment, public procurement and telecommunication.

HWP Law is recognized as being a market leader, particularly in complex dispute resolution matters, commercial transactions and advisory services, while being renowned for intellectual rigor, practical perspective and the ability to obtain desired results.

Work Culture & Client Relationships

As prominent stakeholders of the legal fraternity, we place immense importance upon the culture and values of the firm. We actively promote corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, pro-bono work, ethical labor practices and environmental friendly changes. Furthermore, HWP Law is diligently involved with various law schools in the education industry in order to nurture the goals and to groom the mind-sets and personalities of the upcoming lawyers in Pakistan.

HWP Law places immense reliance upon the philosophy of nurturing and building authentic professional relationships with clients which simultaneously enables us to assess the ambitions, needs and the risks involved in order to obtain the desired results.

Privacy Policy

HWP Law values the confidentiality of personal information and sensitive data provided by our clients. Personal details when supplied to HWP Law are only used for the purpose of contacting our valuable clients and whereas professional details forming part of the pleadings and documentation to support those pleadings are public documents which are not covered by any confidentiality clause. All of our lawyers who have access to and are associated with the processing of such information and data are obliged to respect the confidentiality of the same.